The Elusive Lymphatic System, would you like to know more?

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Articles | 0 comments

Seeing as most people don’t really know what their lymphatic system is and what is does, I thought I might give a bit of an overview. You have probably heard of the lymphatic system and know it is vaguely connected to body fluids but it is obviously of limited importance otherwise you’d hear more about it right?

It just happens to be one of those things that functions really well with most people most of the time and it is only if it goes wrong that you become aware of it. On top of that Western medicine does not consider it to be of much importance either, so medical students will probably spend half a day in their five years training learning about it. That is why our GP’s think it is not really relevant or else they would know about it…….. and so it goes.

So over the next few weeks I want to give you an idea of what your lymphatic system looks like, what it does, how it fits into the rest of your body, why it is important to keep it healthy and what you can do to improve your lymphatic health.