Here are some comments and feedback from my clients

‘Still feeling the benefits of your MLD treatment & looking forward to my next. I had the best nights sleep, pain is less than it has been for over a year. My pain is still down 80%. You are amazing…..’ Lady with arthritic joint pain

My GP told me the only option was to have a knee replacement for my painful arthritis. With regular MLD the swelling has gone down, the pain is less than it was and I am now walking without my stick.’ 89 yr old lady

‘I have MLD massage to help with fluid retention around my tummy and the polymyalgia pain. It is very relaxing and really helps, I feel so much more comfortable since starting the MLD. I am also sleeping better than I have done for years.’ AM has had polymyalgia for 20yrs

‘By 20 weeks of pregnancy my leg was heavy and uncomfortable, I was unable to wear any shoes other than ballet slippers. I had to put my left leg and foot under cold water to reduce the discomfort. The treatment really helped me to walk properly again and I got back into normal shoes!’ Second time mum-to-be

‘I read about MLD and sinusitis and decided to try it. I had been through cycles of trying various over-the-counter products and antibiotics on prescription from the GP. These had never brought more than a few days relief. From my very first MLD treatment I felt the sinuses draining. I had a short course of treatment and the problem did not return for about a year, the longest time I had ever been sinusitis-free.’ Middle-aged male with chronic sinusitis

‘I’ve had a succession of Bowen treatments from Alison, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Having not tried it before I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for! Alison explained what Bowen was and answered all of my questions. Before the sessions I was like a stressed, wound up coil but afterwards felt very relaxed and calm. I will be returning for more. Thanks Alison!’

‘I have been having Bowen therapy from Dr Alison Merrick and am very pleased with the results. I have arthritis in both knees and found difficulty bending my knees and used to get a lot of pain and stiffness. After treatment I can bend my knees and even sit comfortably with my legs curled up under me! My knees don’t feel at all stiff and I can walk downstairs normally. I am extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend Bowen and Alison herself.’

‘I had back pain for about 3 weeks, due to digging and being busy in the garden. Alison gave me one session of Bowen, and the pain just vanished immediately and I was back to normal! Thank you Alison, I’ll return if I ever need sorting out again!’

‘Since having a short course of Bowen therapy the aches pains (put down to the aging process) that I had been suffering with in my legs have disappeared I can now sleep through the night and that has helped me both mentally and physically. I will return for treatments just to prevent new problems developing into long term conditions.’

‘I had a series of Bowen treatments with Alison to help with tension which I find builds up in my neck and shoulders. The treatments left me feeling very relaxed and calm and helped me to close off the outside world for an hour or so. At the end of the treatment and for some days afterwards my shoulders relaxed and my tension headaches relived. I would recommend Bowen to anyone who finds the stress of daily life leaves them with tension headaches and muscular tension in their neck and shoulders.’

‘I had groin and buttock pain and Bowen was recommended by a friend. It has all been an excellent experience, I can now lift and carry with no problems and additionally the mental effects after treatment were quite remarkable. Alison is a lovely Bowen lady, a lovely demeanour, very calming and an all together positive, time-out experience.’