Period pains?

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A nice simple recent study was published in Nature about the use of taping to help with period pain. I have been using neuromuscular taping for a while now and it is really good to have a study that clearly shows what it can do.


A two-armed randomized trial on
The above paper outlines the results of using Cure Tape for primary dysmenorrhoea (PD) structured as a single-blind, two armed clinical trial.
With a follow-up of 4 menstrual cycles (preintervention:2 months: post-intervention :2 months) in a sample formed by 129 Spanish women aged 18-30 years with PD.
The main outcomes measures were:

a) Pre-intervention and post-intervention increase in pain difference measured 2 hours after commencement.
b) Difference between the number of tablets ingested post-intervention and pre-intervention; and
c) Associated symptoms in post-intervention (fatigue, vomiting, diarrhoea, nausea and others.).
The intervention group had less abdominal and leg pain when pharmacological therapy was not started. Furthermore, the intervention resulted in a lower intake of tablets.’’

I tend to deal with outcomes where an overall decrease in pain alongside a reduction in using pharmaceutical pain relief are what people are looking for. This is the kind of thing that can really help. What a great outcome!?. If you are interested in taping then please get in touch or keep an eye on my website for new articles.
Neuromuscular taping available at my clinics, conditions that have responded:
-Post surgery swelling and bruising
-Scarring including keloid and old scars
-Soft tissue pain relief (via muscle trigger points)
General effects include:
-Pain relief
-Regulation of muscle tone, leading to improved function
-Relief of congestion and swelling, improving the healing process
-Neuro-physical stimulus via spinal nerves (autonomic reflexes) relieving deeper abdominal and thoracic issues

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